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Send us a drawing of Brok character(s) and we'll include it in the game!
The game has an "extras" section. All players will be able to see it!

You are also allowed to commission artists with the characters from my game and submit them!

How to submit

  • Post your drawing on Social media (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram...) or the Discord server and mention @COWCATGames in your message. To help spreading the word about the game, be sure to mention Brok as well!
    I will gladly share / retweet your post!

  • If you're not on any social network, you can send me your picture attached in an email :
Characters refs

To help you, here are reference pictures for some of the characters. (more will be added progressively!)



BROK fanart menu

  • All skill levels accepted. Whether you're a kid or a professional, it doesn't matter!
  • Any art style. We like variety - your drawing doesn't have to follow the game style. The info indicated on refs is for suggestion only and the final result doesn't have to be 100% accurate. You can vary clothes too.
  • Safe and clean. Your drawing must be appropriate for all audiences.
  • Only characters from the game (no original character can appear)

  • No limit, you can send several drawings as long as it remains reasonable.
  • Credit - Your name or username will be displayed on your creation.
  • Transfer of ownership - By submitting us your fan art, you agree that it can be permanently packaged with the game. You are allowed to reach us in case of trouble, however game updates are difficult to perform and/or take time so in case you ask for a removal, it will only get effective in a future update.
  • Commissions - You are allowed to commission artists with the characters from my game (as long as the goal is not to make money, eg: printing shirts and selling them) If they’re good I might even put them in the game extras, crediting both you and the artist. NB: NO dirty stuff please.
BROK fanart menu
BROK fanart menu

  • Ideas - Your ideas may become actual plot elements in the game or its sequels, whether by coincidence or not. You agree that this can happen and won't claim ownership.
  • Favorites - We will assign a "reward" icon to the best art submitted. They're selected by the creator of the game - this is entirely subjective!

Anything not specified will be studied case by case.
We reserve the right to refuse any art without justification.

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